Clem Information Strategies (CIS) was founded by Connie Clem, an expert in communicating corrections policy and practice.

Connie PhotoConnie uses words and technology to solve information-sharing challenges. She makes sense out of complex information and leverages it to improve organizational operations and make a difference.

In her 30 years of service with the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections (NIC), Connie conducted more than 50 projects involving research and analysis on diverse topics such as “direct supervision” jails and mental health services in U.S. prisons. She edited dozens of journal issues that shared more than 250 articles on best practices and good ideas, helping to sow ideas from one jurisdiction to another. She has written several by-lined articles and in 2010 published her first book, Government Online: Improving Service and Engaging Communities, from the Ark Group. Connie occasionally speaks to groups on topics such as leveraging the social media for positive visibility.

Clem launched her company in 2008 with the aim of continuing to make the corrections field safer and smarter. Connie describes herself as a “policy geek” and “information curator,” and she is drawn to issues that deserve to be better understood both by professionals and by community members.

Connie worked in the U.S. Senate for Larry Pressler (R-SD) and in the Office of Technology Assessment, a unit within the Library of Congress that examined scientific issues from a policy and legislative point of view. She arrived in Colorado to join the contract staff of the NIC Information Center in the library division. NIC’s aim is to advance effective, safe state and local corrections policy and practice by sharing the knowledge and ideas of those at the forefront of change. Connie’s role expanded steadily to comprise survey research, database design, publishing, website development, and online support for more than 5,000 corrections professionals in specialized communities of practice, as well as proposal development and project management.

Now in private practice, Connie connects people with information so they can create change through better performance and better understanding.

Connie supports several organizations in the corrections/public safety field and recently concluded a term as President of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (www.aiip.org). She was the recipient of AIIP’s 2009 President’s Award. She has lent her volunteer time to several professional associations, launching an award-winning webinar series for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

When not at work, Connie is a native plant gardener. She enjoys reading, travel, camping, hiking, time on the water, and yoga. She has two daughters, one dog, and one spouse.

Connie with Maximillian's sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani)

Connie with Maximillian’s sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani) – a tall and very striking late-blooming North American prairie native.

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